GoldenSheafFront1971: ENTER THE GOLDEN SHEAF

Our story begins long, long ago right here in Providence, RI. The year was 1971 and a young health food extraordinaire named Rob Yaffe decided to open up his very own health foods market & cafe. He signed off on a lease at 123 North Main St. and opened The Golden Sheaf. Note that this was long before businesses like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s existed, and there were very few options out there for the health conscious folk who just wanted to live a good life and eat natural foods, free of preservatives & additives.

The Golden Sheaf built up momentum through the seventies and saw much success. Rob was always reinvesting and reinventing in order to meet the demands of his customer base and continue to grow. By 1979 he decided to move his business into a neighborhood on the rise, Fox Point. The Golden Sheaf resided at 388 Wickenden St. for the rest of it’s days until Rob had his eyes set on a new goal… His own vegetarian restaurant.

GardenGrille_old_inside1996: THE GARDEN GRILLE IS BORN

In the Spring of 1996 Rob Yaffe opened The Garden Grille Cafe and Juice Bar, creating a vibrant atmosphere for health-conscience customers, artists, musicians and everybody else to hang out and enjoy delicious vegetarian food. This was the first restaurant of it’s kind in Providence, and convincing the general population to embrace vegetarian food would not be a simple endeavor. Regardless, The Garden Grille has thrived and earned it’s place in the impressive and famous Providence restaurant culture.