By far one of the best spots for vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Even if you're an omnivore, or carnivore, this spot is delicious. It's seriously good food. We started our meal with the Chipotle Seitan. The seitan is wonderfully flavored, great texture, and the dipping sauce...oh the dipping sauce. It's a wasabi mustard that will excite your tongue and clear your nostrils. For carnivores, the Chipotle Seitan is similar to a general tsao chicken dish...but better. This will be my go to dish. Also, the Korean Tacos; get them. Large pieces of seitan in a sauce of gloriousness, covered with a cabbage slaw, and wrapped in a soft tortilla. On the menu, they are two for $8. However, you can order as many as you'd like. They're $4 each. The Chipotle Seitan and 4 Korean Tacos is a perfect meal. There are some other dishes were mentioning, even though the menu changes seasonally. The fried udon noodles with tofu was great as was the pot pie. The butternut squash quesadilla and the pizzas are good recommendations, too. For dessert, hit up Wildflour just a few doors down- it's owned by the same people.